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Big Boys underwear – why should you buy them?

April 30, 20190General

Big Boys underwear – why should you buy them?

April 30, 2019 0

Today I look at another range of underwear from Big Boys. Designed to fit every contour they look amazing on, in the mirror and also a great hit with onlookers!

There is a nice range to choose from so where do you start? Initially the style can be scary while the obvious question is am I going to fit! Well, you can relax because Big Boys say they design for all sizes. They also say if you’re of average or large size you will benefit the most. They are flexible and stretchy so can cope with all our shapes and sizes. As a result some smaller guys may want to look at other ranges. There are also plenty of other styles out there for you too.

The material is something I haven’t come across before: Lenzig Modal. It is softer than cotton, feels like silk on the skin and is very lightweight. The pouch design, which looks so amazing, fits your parts and lets them hang in a natural way. This will give you lots of support and of course all designs are very cozy.

Big Boys styles

The Big Boys underwear range has four styles to choose from…

The choice of colours are bold but they do have white, grey and black for slightly more timid men. In contrast you can go for bright blue, orange, green and purple if you really want to be noticed. To me, they look great in any colour so don’t be afraid to risk new colours you haven’t tried before.

All the designs are fabulous, so get a friend  or partner to help you make your mind up on designs. If you don’t have someone to help you chose then I would say go bold, get some thongs! You will feel great and relaxed wearing them and as a result will look stunning and ooze confidence.

Above all I  favour the mini briefs, as they have a very minimal look without going down the commando route. Wear them with anything and although a little bigger than the thong you hardly know you have got them on.

Finally my advice… go out and get some and enjoy the feeling.

Meanwhile here are a few examples to get you in the mood.

Buy Brief by Big Boys
Brief by Big Boys

Buy Thong S 28 31 by Big Boys
Thong (S/28-31") by Big Boys

Buy Boxer Brief by Big Boys
Boxer Brief by Big Boys


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